Our Program Price

Applicable Fees Specification Cost in US$
Program Fee Includes all Intrax services listed below 1500
Intrax Job Search Fee Offering a job, arranging interview with an employer and electronic job offer 365
SEVIS Fee Governmental fee (to be paid through Intrax) 35
Total "Premium" Option Total price for the program with Intrax job search. Intrax is in charge of providing a job offer 1900
Program Fee includes
  • English evaluation interview via Skype

  • Reviewing jobs/employers

  • Health/travel insurance for the program period indicated on the DS-2019 form (grace period is not covered)

  • In-country support including access to 24/7 support via free telephone line after arrival in the USA

  • Eligibility (DS-2019) form issued by Intrax and sent to your home address

  • Pre-departure orientation and support materials

Additional Fees
  • Visa fee

  • Any transportation fees

  • Personal funds of at least $1000 to bring to the US to cover living costs are not included in the prices above

Payment schedule

The invoice for the full program price will be issued if you meet the eligibility criteria and choose the job from limited Intrax Job pool.

This program is appropriate for various jobs and industries.

Industries: Hospitality, gastronomy, entertainment, retail, amusement park

Jobs: Prep cook, cashier, housekeeping staff, lifeguard, front desk personnel, and many more

Note: this is only a sample and not a comprehensive list.

Refund Policy

  • There will be no refund provided if cancellation is submitted after your program has begun (program start date is stated on the DS-2019 form).

  • If cancellation notification is submitted prior to the program start date, you will be refunded but a cancellation fee of 475 US$ will apply.

  • There will be full refund of all fees paid only if you paid for “Premium” option with Intrax Job Search and Intrax never offered you a job.

  • All refunds are issued by October 15th of the program year after physical DS-2019 form is returned to Intrax International Operations at: Giesebrechtstr. 10, 10629 Berlin, Germany.