Intrax is an organization that specializes in cultural and educational exchange with more than 30 years of experience. Apart from our Work Travel USA program, other Intrax programs include AuPairCare, Internships, English language courses, high school exchange and more.

The Intrax mission is to "expand the horizons of our participants every day through meaningful experiences abroad and building cultural bridges all over the world." 

Our goal is to promote mutual understanding between countries, cultures and people. We see our program participants as ambassadors of their home country, region and culture. As a participant, you will have significant influence on the people you meet during your adventures abroad. We truly believe that the interactions and connection our participants make will help break prejudices and foster cultural understanding.

Why travel abroad? Our philosophy is to create and share an interconnected global experience, which is more important today than it ever has been. This can only be achieved when young minds seek to learn outside the classroom to cultivate a global skill set through cross-cultural awareness, new language acquisition, and learning directly from the people they meet. 

About Intrax Work Travel

Intrax Work Travel is committed to continuously improve our program by focusing on the exchange of intercultural experiences, providing excellent service to participants, and maintaining industry memberships and standards. Intrax has been designated by the US Department of State as an official J1 visa Sponsor for more than 25 years. To ensure the safety, health, and welfare of participants, Intrax works closely with the US Department of State to regularly monitor and ensure program standards and regulations are met.  

Why Intrax Work Travel?

  • J1 visa sponsorship

  • Cover your travel costs by working in the USA

  • Gain work experience and improve your English skills

  • Access to 24/7 support before and during program to ensure safety and wellbeing

  • Receive health/travel insurance, pre-departure orientation and participant handbook to prepare for the program

  • Simple application process

  • We always strive to create an extraordinary and valuable experience by putting our participants first